A Los Angeles company that specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative products for dentistry recently introduced a new patented needle recapping device.
Dental Networks Management, Inc., manufactures the “Pop Capper TM”, a small, round, single needle holder less than one inch in diameter, designed to enable doctors to recap needles with one hand and eliminates the risk of injury to the user during the recapping process.

Greg Rubin, DDS, President/CEO of Dental Networks Management, Inc., says this device is the most unique dental recapper existing in the market today.

Click Here to See PopCapper™ in Action “Most of the dental needle recappers available in the industry are big and bulky, and require a fixed position in the operatory or on the dental tray,” said Dr. Rubin. “Our device allows the dentist to quickly and easily recap the needle anywhere on the tray.”

gif of pop capper

What makes the PopCapper™ unique is a patented design that allows the unit to pop up, stay up and hold the needle sheath in an upright position regardless of where it is left on the dental tray. The upright position of the needle sheath allows the easy recapping of the needle and eliminates risk of needle stick injuries. According to US health authority statistics, there are more than one million reported needle stick injuries annually in the United States.

Pop Capper Demo

To use the PopCapper™ the dental staff member simply presses the device onto a capped needle and the syringe is ready for use. When an injection is required, the dentist pulls the needle sheath with the PopCapper™ attached and places it on the dental tray. The PopCapper™ immediately “pops up” into an upright position, ready to cap the needle.

According to the Board of Dental Examiners Infection Control Regulations, “needles shall be recapped only by using the scoop technique or by using a mechanical device designed for holding the needle sheath, or a mechanical device which eliminates the need for two handed capping.” The PopCapper™ meets and exceeds these guidelines and fully answers the need for safety and convenience.

The device is fully autoclavable and is made of a surgical grade alloy.